Our lesson with Karla Sanders here in Central Oregon really helped us set our direction. Even though we were only one leg into Senior class at the time. she helped me to read Joey's "clear" signal.

Many said take advantage of being in Senior where you know the number of rats. With our found knowledge of the"clear" we couldn't get to Masters fast enough. I love the Masters game ...I love reading my dog. All paid off this Saturday in Canby. What a way to finish Masters ...a Q, a first, a high in class (32 dogs) ...and that RATM. We followed on Sunday with another 2 Qs.

Thank you Karla for your contribution to our success.

Joey James G
Bend, Oregon

I always love the camaraderie of the trials, they are social, educational and competitive.

Catherine W.
McMinnville, Oregon

Katie and I learned so much at your clinics, I would recommend them to anyone. And you know we LOVE your trials!!

Joan W.
Oregon City, Oregon

Dewey got his Senior Title in three tries!   And, he was High in Class twice!   Thank you SO much for helping us; he didn't alert at a single bedding canister and he found several of them.  

Thank you again Karla, I really appreciate it!  Dewey and I are looking forward to working with you again!

Elise S.
Salem, Oregon

Just spent a day at Valley Dog Sports clinic and was thoroughly impressed that Karla understands that dogs are individuals, some 'good' some not so much in exciting places. She took care to organize her clinic reflecting that. Thank you for a positive experience!

Teresa W.
Ridgefield, Washington

What a wonderful barn hunt introduction and clinic! You are such a terrific instructor, and so supportive of all the newbies.

I think we caught Barn Hunt fever thanks to you!!!

Kristen O.
Bend, Oregon