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We are thrilled to have been provided space at Gold Hill Nursery LLC in Hillsboro.  They are a large wholesale container nursery and were willing to host us even though they have never even heard of barn hunt.  I think their curiosity got the best of them.  So we will all be on our best behavior there and dutifully pick up after our dogs, right?

The new building is not as large as our old arena (even though it appears to be known as the Taj Barn or the mini Taj Mahal)  BUT the parking is much better.  The floor is solid, rather than sand, which my calf muscles will greatly appreciate, and we won’t have to tarp the rings so they should be less slick for the dogs.  We won’t have crating inside the building but the flat parking lot is immediately outside the door so you may crate in your car.  We also will be using a large carport-type building for covered outdoor crating in nice weather.  And in not so nice weather, a smaller building should prove easier to heat – or at least keep from freezing! We have a refrigerator and microwave for our potlucks and two big roll up doors for ventilation.  The very best news is that we will be leaving the rings set up all the time – clean up time after a trial should be short and sweet compared to what our trusty crew has needed to accomplish to put away equipment and every scrap of straw on Sunday evenings.  A quick clean up of the food, sweep the walkways, take out the trash, and we should all get to go home at a reasonable hour without strained backs.

So our new address is 14910 SW Hillsboro Highway, Hillsboro.  I must confess that that is not an official address and there is no mail service there, but hours spent in Google maps, walking that little yellow man back and forth, finally identified the entrance gate address.  There are at least 4 entrances into the property – and two of them access a residence where you will not be welcome.  Be sure to take the correct driveway, drive past the house, and turn right to face our building.  

New barn