Barn hunt training


This 3.5-hour monthly workshop is appropriate for any dog and handler team new to the sport.  You will learn rules, practice tunnels and climbs, meet a rat, and begin to learn to read your dog’s body language.  After some discussion regarding the rules of the game, this workshop is hands on and you can expect your dog to be tired when you leave.  Dogs are worked individually and classes are small to allow everyone to have several turns at each exercise.  By the end of the workshop, your dog will run an actual timed Instinct test.

The workshop registration is by email and the fee is $60 pre-paid.  The schedule alternates between Saturdays and Sundays and morning and afternoon to accommodate a variety of work schedules.  Canine students range in age from 5 months to seniors.  Young people are welcome to participate as long as they are capable of handling their own dog with limited assistance.  The instructor is happy to discuss access issues and accommodations for disabilities.  Feel free to bring your camera for pictures or videos of your runs. 


This event allows you time to practice barn hunt skills without owning your own rats.  Students are scheduled on the half hour for private use of the barn hunt course, rats, tubes, and rat wranglers, with or without an instructor as you wish.  This is time for you to work one or two dogs through several runs and to receive customized instruction to address your specific training issue. 

Time slots are reserved by email and the fee is $30 for approximately 25 minutes.  These sessions fill very quickly after being announced on the Valley Dog Sports Facebook page and this website.  Feel free to contact Valley Dog Sports to get on the waiting list for the next session.