Barn hunt judging & trials

Our Barn Hunt trials: 

Valley Dog Sports usually hosts four barn hunt weekends each year.  Most recently we plan on October, December, March and May. We are fortunate to rent a facility that allows us to trial in the winter and be protected from the worst weather.  Notice I did NOT say we would be warm – just protected from the worst of it.  Besides, the dogs LOVE how the cold weather makes the scent stronger...

Barn Hunt Trials

At each set of trials, we hold classes from the beginner level (Instinct and Novice) through the most advanced levels (Masters).  Each weekend offers at least four opportunities to earn enough qualifying legs for a title.  Our rings are staffed by volunteers and we welcome new people because we know that working in the ring up close to the action is the very best way to learn this sport.  We celebrate during lunch with hot soup and potluck dishes and if we can squeeze out enough time, we play a challenging and chaotic game called Crazy 8S.  Barn hunt has a real community feel where everyone pitches in to do the work and helps each other succeed.  I guarantee you will feel welcome and comfortable, even if you are brand new. 

Judging Barn Hunt Trials:

I often travel to serve as Judge of Record for other clubs and enjoy the opportunity to see how trials are run elsewhere.  Occasionally I serve as a backup judge to enable the Judge of Record to show their own dog.   As I mentioned above we are a community and we support each other. 

Just as volunteering allows you to learn the sport, serving as a judge for another club broadens my knowledge and renews my enthusiasm.   Drop me an email if you want to discuss judging at your local trials.