About Us

Karla Sanders, the owner of Valley Dog Sports LLC in the Willamette Valley, has been involved in barn hunt since its Oregon beginnings in 2013.  She hosts monthly workshops, private lessons, and BHA sanctioned trials in her training facility in Hillsboro, Oregon. She is also an active Barn Hunt Judge having judged trials in Washington, Oregon, California, and British Columbia.  Her dog, Timber competes at the RATCHX4 Championship level, while her new puppy, Rooney, is in Novice and reminds her regularly that he is a teenage boy with raging hormones and an unreliable memory.   Karla is a flexible and creative trainer with one hard and fast rule:  If you aren’t having fun with your dog, you are definitely doing something wrong!

Karla has recently been approved to judge US Canine Scent Sports trials.  She is USCSSJ-20 and is accepting contracts for judging. Contact by email. This is a new national titling organization created to create a more comfortable relaxed competition atmosphere for scent work while making trials more numerous and accessible.  She also expects to begin hosting traditional and element scent work trials in the Willamette Valley by the end of the year. 


Our lesson with Karla Sanders here in Central Oregon really helped us set our direction. Even though we were only one leg into Senior class at the time. she helped me to read Joey's "clear" signal. Many said take advantage of being in Senior where...

Joey James G

I always love the camaraderie of the trials, they are social, educational and competitive.

Catherine W.